Regional Facts & Figures


Alternating periods of warm air from the south and cold air from Canada keeps Fayette County weather interesting and full of variety.  We have a little of everything, without an overabundance of any one particular type of weather.  So, call our climate “moderate continental”.  

Average summertime high temperatures are 80°.  Spring and Fall average 60°, and winter daytime temperatures average 40.°  While it’s been as hot as 102° and as cold as 22°, those are extremes over the past century.  100°-weather is rare, as are temperatures below 10° in winter.  The average temperature in the mountain areas is 4 - 7 degrees cooler than the valleys.  Annual average rainfall is 37 inches, and snowfall is 43 inches (75 inches in the mountain areas, to the skier’s delight.)


Formed by two mountainous regions – the Allegheny Mountain and Pittsburgh Plateau – Fayette’s highest point is 2,993 feet above mean sea level, at Chestnut Ridge.  The lowest altitude is in Point Marion (on the Monongahela River, near the southern border of Pennsylvania), at 740 feet above mean sea level.

Population:    Fayette County –135,660 (based upon 2012 estimates of 2010  Census figures)

County Seat:  Uniontown

Municipalities:  42

Largest Cities:
Uniontown  - 10,372
Greater Uniontown (City + North and South Union Townships) - 35,809
Connellsville - 7608

Boroughs (greater than 1,000):

            Brownsville – 2,741

            Dunbar – 1,219

            Fairchance – 2,174

            Masontown – 3,611                                       

            Perryopolis – 1,764

            Point Marion – 1,333               

            South Connellsville – 2,281


Townships (greater than 5,000)

            Bullskin - 7,782

            Dunbar - 7,562

            Georges - 6,752

            German – 5,595

            North Union – 14,140

            Redstone – 6,397

            South Union – 11,337

Distance in Miles from Uniontown to…

Within 6 hours of 60% of the US Market

Pittsburgh, PA           48 miles

Philadelphia, PA      300 miles

Cleveland, OH         178 miles

Baltimore, MD         201 miles

Washington, DC      198 miles

Churches:  Fayette County has over 100 Churches and one synagogue, representing 35 denominations.

 National Parks:  Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Friendship Hill National Historic Site.

State Parks:  Ohiopyle State Park.

Golf Courses:  Eight golf courses in the county

Recreation:  World-class whitewater rafting, extensive hike-bike trail network, camping, fishing, skiing, and championship golfing.

Cost of Living:  On every measure of expenditures, from apparel through building supplies, Fayette County’s cost of living is lower than the national average. 

The average price of a new home – 2,200 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, two-car garage, basement, and 0.5 acres of property – is $178,000.         




Fayette County has six public school districts,11 Head Start facilities and 40 State Licensed private daycare/pre-schools. 

Fayette County is home to Penn State University Fayette  - The Eberly Campus, in Uniontown. 

Located just across the border of Fayette County (in neighboring Washington County) sits California University of Pennsylvania, a comprehensive regional institution of higher education, and a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


Four specialized career-technical training schools are located in and near Uniontown.