Fayette Chamber of Commerce

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Fayette Chamber of Commerce!

The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is located at 65 West Main Street in Uniontown, the beautiful county seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania and in the magnificent area known as the Laurel Highlands

An investment in the Fayette Chamber, with a
membership of approximately 600 businesses and individuals, is a great investment in the future of your business and in our community!

Who we are...
The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit membership association.  Founded as the Uniontown Chamber of Commerce and accredited in 1925, the Fayette Chamber has grown from a local city chamber to a county-wide organization now representing approximately 17,000 employees. 

The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is proud to be associated with The Redstone Foundation, a private, civic and educational, 501(c)3 non-profit.  The Redstone Foundation was founded to support the projects and missions of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

The organization exists to support our paid members' business needs with the goals of economic, community, and workforce development. Events are created for our members which encompass networking, advocacy, education and more.

Why become a member? 
The decision is easy.  By joining the chamber you will be letting your customers know that you are a proud supporter of Fayette County, PA. It’ll tell them to you choose to invest your dollars in an organization that supports the businesses and organizations that work every day to make Fayette County a great place to work, play, and live! 

At the Fayette Chamber, we work with our members every day to:  
Fight for pro-business legislation
Provide you with all types of networking and marketing opportunities
Partner with many local businesses and organizations to promote the community and strengthen the local economy
Market your business to the world for you through our website and social media services
Provide you with workshops and trainings that are important to the business community
Offer you the opportunity for members-only benefits and discounts  
The Fayette Chamber is also proud to work with the community through our associated non-profit organization, The Redstone Foundation. The mission of the Redstone Foundation is to support the work of Chamber in regards to educational activites, workforce development, and civic projects.  The Redstone Foundation together with the Fayette Chamber operates Fayette County Television - Channel 77 in Fayette County.

Now is a great time to join!  Contact us today -724-437-4571 or info@fayettechamber.com

The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is a member of:
Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce
Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals
The Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau
Fay-Penn Economic Development Council
The United States Chamber of Commerce